Defining The Style

Remembering is an abstract VR experience about being born. Through sound, music and abstract forms, Remembering allows players to experience the beauty of fertilization and the trauma of a birth. In addition to Monobanda Play and SonicPicnic, Liselore Goedhart (formerly part of the Monobanda team, but now under the name Lizzywanders, worked as an independent artist) and Rik de Rooij also worked on the project.

The creative process

Remembering is available for download at the Oculus Store for €1.99. To celebrate the release, creators this week shared stories about the creative process behind the project, such as a blog by Liselore Goedhart about the origins of the visual style, and SonicPicnic that explains what they think the world of an unborn child sounds like.

The capabilities of VR brought the team back to the project in 2016: “VR’s ability to completely isolate you from the real world, and put you in a virtual world, was what we always envisioned for a game that’s about using your senses in a different way. We decided to re-join forces to develop a new Remembering for VR.”